2011 June 24 13th.Jul.11. (Wed.) 2305hrs. Went to TNB hq. at Melawati to settle the electricity deposit for the JMB P4D1. Stayed home until time for the evening walk. Actually went to the Popular Book Store to just look see for any new things happening or not. 15th.Jul.11. (Fri.) 2035hrs. Went to University Hospital for eye check. It is found that both eyes are very ok, the next check will be six months from today. Heavy rain prevented me for my evening walk, otherwise the day was just as normal. 17th.Jul.11. (Sun.) 2045hrs. Just came back from FH after spending a night there. The surounding is very well maintained now since taken over by the JMB. Due to lack of funds the buildings need facelift badly and urgently. 20th.Jul.ll. (Wed.) 1050hrs. Just wonder who was the first guy who used the word 'golden age' for the old people. How can it be golden age while the old people have to see the doctors so frequently for so many kinds of illness. In this month alone I have been to UH for my eyes, the dentist and yesterday to the clinic for the result of the blood test. Luckily there is not much of a big problem. Is that what is 'golden age'. It must be kidding?! 23rd.Jul.ll. (Sat.) 2130hrs. The good news is Lai Changxing the greatest Chinese smuggler is on his way home after escaping arrest for 12yrs by living in Canada. The bombing and shooting in Norway will wake up the Norvegians I hope otherwise they are very complacent and creat mischief to others from time to time. 25th.Jul.ll. (Mon.) 1905hrs. Went to Midvalley this morning by train. Bought some imported biscuits from Mark and Spancer. Went to MPH to look at the latest issue of the Chinese English and English Chinese dictionary. Didn't buy any. I already have a smaller version one. I am glad that Col. Gadaffi is still in Lybia,let the Nato nations that take part in the bombing of Lybia bomb themselves into bankcrupcy. Just don't let them win easily. 28th.Jul.ll. (Fri.) 0013hrs. Yesterday stayed at home except going for the evening walk. Watched the CNTV and surfed the net. Glad to know that the Chinese submesible ship can reach the dept of 5188m. The Chinese is also trying to outfit a aircraft carrier for training. It is better to be late than never. The KMT gov. in Taiwan is waiting for their foreign uncle to up-grade their warplanes as it has always been. lst.Jul.11. (Mon) 0430hrs. I am waiting anxiously to see what will be the US debt ceiling voting result. 2nd.Jul.11. (Tue.) 2315hrs. As expected the result of the debt-ceiling drama is always ended undramatically as any other issues. All that debates and arguments are for show only. More debts will be more troubles waiting ahead. Once it is in debt it is difficult to be solvent again. 6th.Jul.11. (Sat.) 2115hrs. Actually, there seems to be nothing worthy to write about. Life have been going on normally. The morning exercise and the evening walk is never missed. 10th.Jul.11. (Wed.) 1255hrs. Now that the flame is burning in their own backyard, so let us see how they handle the situation. Do you remember the torch grabbing for the Beijing Olympic, how gleeful they were? 11th.Jul.11. (Thu.) 2250hrs. The BBC is really great, with the riot in its own country it still has the time to worry about famous Chinese artist Mr. Ai Wei Wei with the title "Artist Ai 'felt close to death.' There are a lot of articles about their own social problems. So mind your problems before you laugh at other people. 20th.Aug.ll. (Sat) Wow! had been lasy for nine days but actually there is nothing fresh to write about. The whole world is bore. The war in Lybia is still going on, the most interesting thing is that they are not shooting at the human enemy but to the thin air. I presume that they don't kill but to make a lot of noise to frighten the enemy. They dressed in singlet and don't carry any ration or ammo. They don't take aim but just shoot blankly into the opposit side. You don't see any man or soldier being killed. The news from the foreign news agency is comical. Kol. Gaddafi's sons had been killed so many times but still appearing. The NATO has got another month to drop their bombs then it will depend whether they still can afford to carry on or not. 24th.Aug.11. (Wed.) 1240hrs. Does it matter who win, afterall the people who died were Libyans and the survivours will have to work to pay for the bombs and ammo given to win the hulaha - the Libyans. The real winners are the people who hid behind the screen. Pity isn't it? 6th.Sep.ll. (Tue.) 1005hrs. Went to Zhangjianjie (central part of China) for an eight days tour, from 28th. Aug. to 4th. Sep.. In between visited MZT's former house, his Stone Statue in Shaoshan village. I took a round walk and paid a three bows respect to the statute.The main attraction is the rocky formations in the park. Both of us climbed the famour 999 steps to reach the heaveny stone gate. The steps are just like the normal staircase steps. Quite a number of people who are younger than we are were scared to do it. From Changsha city to Zhangjiajie where the rocky park is is about three hundred over miles apart, along the way I was gled to see the new brick houses, the padi field was covered with golden ripe padi and various greenery. The highway is smooth and the whole length of the road is covered with trees and well-kept shrubs in the middle of the roads. In my heart I can feel the dynamism of China. Talk of Changsha city, it has a special meaning to me because it was mentioned in the book 'Defeat into Victory' by Field-Marshal Viscount Slim that the only victory for China from the long Sino-Japanese war during the WWll was in the battle of Changsha city. Of course this is only his own opinion. He was the commander of the allied forces in Burma at that time. 2011/09/10 Good writing. Interesting to hear your thinking. Aik-Siong llth.Sep.ll (Sun.) 1030hrs. Today is a very good day, it is cloudy and so it is not hot. It rains for a while in the evening but it did not prevent me from my evening walk at the Metropolitan park. Indeed it is a very good Sep.ll. It should be more of the Sep.ll days. 15th.Sep.11. (Thu.) 2205hrs. It is foolish to believe that the Libyans are free now, the real victors are the bombs and ammunitions suppliers. They are the people who will have the total free hands to set the stage for next episodes of events. episodes of events to come. 20th.Sep.ll. (Tue.) 2240hrs. The weather is kinder now, it is not so hot and humid. The North-East monsoon is already here. It rains practically everyday, either in the evening or morning. Well, life is normal for me. Knowing a lot of the world affairs from the internet. The West is in deep trouble with the national debts. They had been showing off with their luxurious lifestyle to the world with the borrowed money and now it is hard for them to pay back the debts. 22nd.Sep.ll. (Thu.) 2135hrs. The weather is splendid. It is cloudy and cool. Poor Chinese KMT in Taiwan, they are still at their old ways. They are jubilant at being able to buy arms from their old time uncle to kill their own kind. They even seek approval for their presidential election. Just wonder since when the Chinese had been so disgraceful. 27th.Sep.ll. (Wed.) 1120hrs. The morning is cool and bright. Last night was a dog-barking free night because the three young strays were taken away by the Bandaraya dog catchers. In Malaysia it is a trend that most of the Chinese households will keep one dog or may be more and that because some dogs are kept behind the fence and some are free to roam around so there will be a lot of barking going on. In the evening the dogs that are kept behind fences make speicial noises and barkings. I am a Chinese but I do not like to keep dogs because I do not want spending time to care of them. I want to spend time on my own. Strangely enough I did not see any dogs running around in the streets in China. Another interesting thing is I did not see any birds flying in the sky or on the trees even in the wooded area. I have noticed this on my many trips that I have been to China. I am sure you might have guessed the answer in my mind. 29th.Sep.11. (Thu.) 2333hrs. In the morning part went to attend the funeral of a member of Gao Assn. He died of kidney failure at age of 56. Watched the whole process of the space lab Tiangong l launch in CNTV from 2100hrs to about 2140hrs when it was announced that it is successful. Switched to BBC just to confirm how fast is the BBC, true enough it was there in its web site with a sourish head line "Tiangong-l launch betrays China's earthly ambitions". I do not really understand what the white men try to mean. But not a word is mentioned in the ll pm world news in MTV l in Malaysia. 10th.Nov.ll. (Thu.) 0920hrs. The day is fine. Went to JMB office for a while and went for the evening walk. Get ready to go to S,pore early in the morning by bus to attend the S'pore GAO association's 63th. anniversary celebration dinner. We have 10 members to attend. The S'pore GAO association was established in l948 before the separation and therefore it was the only association to represent the GAO clansmen in the then Malaya. My father was a member of the association. It is called Koh association because GAO is pronounced in Hokkien dialect as Koh. I remember my father was issued with a membership certificate and it was burnt when he passed away because it is believed that whatever belongs to him must be burnt to follow him. When I am there I will try to trace as to whether any record to this effect is still being held by the assn.. 14th.Nov.ll. (Mon.) 2140hrs. The 60th. celebration dinner was great, there were plenty of singing and the women section presented lovly dances. They must have put in a lot of hard work. Mum and EM spent the whole Sat. on shopping while I roam around the see more of the Singapore. Spent the Sunday morning to look for Koh assn. premise and finally found it. Spent about half an hour there taking some pictures and found there is no record of my father's membership. Went round the waterfront and took 4.30pm bus home. Worthy of note was Heng Jin donated S$10,000 to the S'pore Koh assn. that night. The joke was he asked me to announce it to the audience, instead I announced it as one hunder dollars so it was put right immediately by their president. 21st.Nov.11. (Mon.) 1950hrs. This evening is special, it is not raining. Went for morning walk because scared that it may rain in the evening. Went to town for a walk about to pass time. 22nd.Nov.ll. (Tue.) 2055hrs. Went to Batu Cave with mum, maid and Lip Wern and spent about three hours there and went to Kepong for roast-duck lunch. He wanted to go there to shoot at the monkeys with the toy gun. But then when we were he took pity on the monkeys and did not shoot them at all instead he tried to scare the pigeons and shot at them playfully. After lunch his mother came to take him home. By the way we took the train to Batu Cave and it was quite an enjoyable afternoon. It rained in the evening but I went to the Tmn. Rainbow for my evening excise for about thirty five mins. when the rain stopped at about seven. 24th.Nov.11. (Thu.) 2315hrs. Today is a fine day, there was no rain at all. Life is quiet for all of us. We went to have an Indian curry lunch at the Tmn Mastiara and went for an evening walk as usual. Mum is getting ready to go to Hatnyai with the Han gang because they feel that they should all get together once in a while. They will start going at 6.30 tomorrow morning and return on Sunday night. 28th.Nov.ll. (Mon.) 1910hrs. I have been living single life for the past three days while mum and maid went to Hatnya in Thailand. The rain is stopping me from going for an evening walk. Yesterday evening was the same, the monsoon rain is in its full force now. In the morning part went to Putrajaya by bus and took the innercity bus to go round the city for fifty sens only. The bus is going round the town to serve the residents to move place to place within the town. The town is well planned and it is kept very clean and tidy. Sorry I am still nor sure whether Putrajaya is a city or town. lst.Dec.ll. (Thu.) 2245hrs. Normal day wirhout any worthwhile event to write about. 4th.Dec.11. (Sun.) 0530hrs. 2.12.ll. (Fri.) Went to Machap to attend my grandpa's great grand son's wedding dinner. It was a grand dinner and we drove back after the dinner at 10pm and reach KL at 2am. My grandpa's son grew up with me but the rest of the family was not known to me until very lately. Last night that was 3.12.ll, went to attend Loke assn. 39th. anniversary. 7th.Dec.ll. (Wed.) 2240hrs. It rains daily but it does not cause big problems. Life goes on as usual. Tomorrow night we will be attending another assn. dinner to be held in a Chinese school hall at Sentul. I think this will be the last assn. dinner for 2011. 9th.De.ll. (Fri.) 1625hrs. No rain up to this point of time, it may suddenly start thundering and pour with rain. Went to JPJ with mum this morning and to the management office for a while. Last night attended the "The Federation of Malaysia Chinese Surname Associations" lst. annual aniversary dinner. It is the mother of all the surname associations in this country. I think this is a good idea so that we have a leader to co-ordinate and initiate all the conducive activities. 12th.Dec.ll. (Mon.) 2145hrs. Fine day. Read newspapers and surfed the net. Knew a lot of the world affairs. The EU seems to have agreed on the solutions to solve their economic problems except to see the end results to come. Iran seems to have the technical know-how to capture the pilotless plance from their enemy. I hope they really have it so that the super power can be checked for their wrecklessness. 15th.Dec.ll. (Thu.) 1900hrs. It is raining now so cannot go for a walk. Yesterday evening also rained but it stopped at about this time, it made my shoes wet when I insisted in walking. According to the news report it flooded the Bt. Bintang and Cheras area. So far the monsoon rain has not done a lot of damage in the country. 18th.Dec.11. (Sun.) 1700hrs. Cloudy day but without rain. Non-eventful Friday and Saturday except that we took Mei Wah and her husband to a Chineses restaurant dinner in Jinjang. We fetched them from EM's house and sent them back by train from our Batu Kentonman station after the dinner at 2244hrs because the train go straight from here to Subang Jaya station. They rang up to say that they have arrived at about 0hrs. 24th.Dec.11. (Sat.) 1815hrs. It had been peaceful and quiet for the past 5 days. Nothing special to write about. It has been cloudy but fine day. No evening walk for this evening because we are waitting for Lip Wern to come to celebrate his birthday as well as the X'mas. Strangely enough we don't hear any X'mas songs and music at all. Not like before we could feel X'mas is coming with the X'mas songs and hymn in the air. It is like the CNY without the firecrackers. 31st.Dec.ll. (Sat.) 0500hrs. Xmas had come and gone. As nomal we did nothing special except the usual turkey dinner with the family members only on Thursday night (29th.Dec.ll.). 3rd.Jan.12. (Tue.) 2135hrs. Went up to Fraser's Hill on lst.Jan.12. for two nights. The place is well maintained by the JMB except that the whole compleks should be completely re-white washed otherwise it looks terrible. It is not done because the unit owners are not paying their dues. Hope that with the present JMB's conserted effort to collect the dues from the unit owners, the resort will be put to its proper conditions. 8th.Jan.12 (Sun.) 2240hrs. It had not rained for about two weeks so the weather is very stuffy and hot. It is not very comfortable for our daily life. Life had been pretty normal for the last five days. 14th.Jan.12. (Sat.) 1045hrs. It is a lovely morning. It is fine, the sun is not too hot and the air is cool. Got up at six in the morning and went to the Tmn Rainbow's small park for exercise because I missed the evening walk yesterday due to raining. Surfed the net and learnt that the Euro crisis is appearing again and the situation between Iran and the West is very quiet. I think this is so-called the lull before the storm. 27th.Jan.12. (Fri.) 2300hrs. Luckily, went to Tmn. Rainbow for the morning exercise because it rained in the evening so it prevented me from going my evening walk. As I drove out of the gate a police patrol car was at the back of me. It signaled me to stop. I stopped and asked why, was told that my road tax has expired. True enough I had been driving without insurance and road tax since Nov. 20ll. I asked them to let me off for RM50 otherwise I will have to pay RM600.00 fine. So, that is how it goes, both of us benefitted. The question is how do they know that my road taxed had expired as they were driving behind me. That is the magic. However I have no bone to grind. Stayed home for the rest of the day surfing the net and reading the newspapers. 29th.Jan.12. (Sun.) 0250hrs. Actually I wanted to write before I went to bed last night but the internet failed to function. Luckily I went for a long morning walk yesterday morning because it rained heavily in the evening. Peter and EM came at about 1130hrs and Peter gave me and PP a RM1,000 ang pow each. EM had given the ang pows earlier. I went to lunch at the batu tiga coffee shop because mum had gone for lunch with her friends. Napped and stayed at home for the rest of the evening due to the raining. 30th.Jan.12. (Mon.) 2200hrs. Went to renew the insurance and road tax and spent the rest of the morning roaming the city. The city is still half asleep not until day after tomorrow after the ninth day of the lunar calendar. Beside that life is as normal. I went to the city by bus and returned by train. 31st.Jan.12. (Tue.) 2325hrs. Today is the nineth day of the Chinese New Year and it is the Hokkian people's new year day. Last night was their new year eve and therefore they let off a lot of firecrackers to welcome the big day. The noise continues right up to 2am. It rained heavily from 5am right up to about 6.30am. So the whole day was cloudy and the air was quite cool. Went to the JMB office to see if there is anything for me to do. That wraps up my day. lst.Feb.12. 2225hrs. 1st. of Feb. is the Wilayah Day and therefore it is a holiday. Dare not venture out of the area where we live because the city will be crowded with the foreign workers. Went to Batu Cave by train for my evening exercise by climbing the 272 steps up and down. It is crowded there because they are preparing for the Thaipusum festival on the 6th. of this month. They are putting up the tents, installing the lamp posts etc.etc.. Some early whoshippers are doing their praying before the actual date in order to avoid the maddening crowd. 2nd.Feb.12. (Thu.) 2110hrs. Tried on the sky-walk around the Jln. Perak area connecting various high rise buildings and ending up at the Pavilian complex and the convention hall. That area is newly built up area in the golden triangle. The sky-walk is like a big container-like structure built above the ground with air-con for pedestrians to walk with comfort. The rain stopped me for about half an hour to reach the KL railway station to board the train. After boarding the train it moved slowly with several stops on the way and when it reached the Sentul station the passengers were told to come down to wait for another train to take them to Batu Cave without any explaination. The waiting took about forty five minutes when the train came from Batu Cave to take us to Batu Cave. The reason was the train was running on one track because there was some repare work being carried out on the other line. By the time I reached home it was alredy four forty five. I was really dead tired. Had a bath, had a cup of Chinese tea then watched my favorite CCTV4 programme from 5 to 6pm and had a 45mins nap and had the dinner and back to normal again. 4th.Feb.12. (Sat.) 2130hrs. I do not know why I was so tired last. I was so sleepy that I went to bed at about 9.30pm. Slept well for the night and got up 6am. Went to the Tmn. Rainbow small park for exercise at about 7am for about one hour. I don't like the park there because it is small and the people there are all regulars so u keep on seeing them and the next thing is the barking dogs. It is really anonying, since the residents there are more well off so they buy bigger dogs so that they bark louder. It is status symbol that kind of thing. Went to the JMB office to make out a cheque for the electricity bill and after that went to Mamak coffee shop for a tea tarek and a roti chanai for lunch. As for the rest of the day just stayed home. Since today is Saturday so life is at its laziest point. 5th.Feb.12. Sun. 2330hrs. The biggest event of today is the GAO association CNY celebration. EM and I attended it without mum as she had other programme with her group of friends. I donated RM100, EM donated RM80.00 and Heng Jin asked me to donate RM200.00 for him while he is away in S'pore. There was quite a big crowd. The programme started from lpm until 3pm. Of course ang pow for the children is a must and the lucky draws and quessing games for the attendents were also arranged. The food were fried mee, fried meehoom, chicken curry and one or two other tib bits plus an assortment of fruits of course with the mandarine oranges. The party went on quite happily with everybody smiling away till the end. The next big event was we went round the lake at the Taman Metropolitan for our evening walk. It took us a solid one hour walk. 7th.Feb.12. (Tue.) 2125hrs. How nice? yesterday was Prophet Mohd's birthday, it was a holiday. Stayed home until in the evening went to Lake Garden for evening walk and had a mamak fried mee and mutton matabab for dinner. The maid was taken away by EM to help her in preparation of the NYC party in her house. Today is Thaipusum day and it is a holiday too. Went to EM's house for lunch on the left over of the last night party. After lunch EM and mum went for their own programme while I went for a foot massage. I was very tired and had a nap for about one hour. No evening exercise. 9th.Feb.12. (Thu.) 0705hrs.(Note: this event is for 8th.Feb.12) It was very crowded in the govt. clinic at the Kg. Batu, it took me three hours to see the doctor for my normal check up. The reason was due to the holiday on Wed. The result of the check-up was normal. The next check-up will be in four months time. 10th.Feb.12. (Fri.) 2330hrs. Yesterday, that was Thursday, morning went to JMB office to check on the clerk's performance. Received a complaint from one of the unit owners that a water tank from the roof top is over flowing. The problem was fixed by 6pm. This morning went to see Heng Jin and also to collect the RM200.00 that I paid for him for the CNY do held by the GAO assn. last Sunday as he was away from KL on that day. Reached home is already 2pm and what followed was a daily rutine for me. 12th.Feb.12. (Sun.) 2220hrs. Yesterday (Sat.) went to JMB office to clear a bit of the paper works like getting ready the lst. qtr. statements and getting the cheque to pay up the TNB bill etc., in the marning part as for the afternoon it is the normal routine. Today is Sunday, stayed at home for the whole day except the evening walk. Tried to got to the Kepong lake garden for the evening walk but the traffic was too heavy so we turned back to our Metropolitan garden. So another week is gone. 15th.Feb.12. (Wed.) 2220hrs. Monday, busy with the JMB office for the morning part. Tuesday, went to town at 1044hrs train for a short break after remaining in the Ipoh Road for so many days. Asked the roof repair man to come to look at the roof leak at the P4D1 but he is unable to come due to his eyes problem, will come on Friday. Went to a coleague's house to discuss about the statement/ invoice of the lst.qtr for 2012. That had taken up the whole morning. 19th.Feb.12. (Sun.) 2215hrs. It had been quite busy for the last few days for the JMB affairs. AGM for 2012 was held on Sat. 18th. Feb. The turn-out was very poor. Today Sunday GAO association held its committee members meeting befor the AGM for 2012 at 2pm at the association premise to prepare for the new set of committee members for the next two years. 23rd.Feb.12. (Thu.) 2145hrs. Nothing special happening in the last three days. Had been quite busy running between home and the JMB office because the clerk had gone to see the doctor in the general hospital and getting the roof repairer to mend the leak in the block etc. This morning I went to the govt. clinik to see the doctor for my urine test. Two weeks ago when seeing the doctor for the routine check-up I told the doc. that the colour of my urine is yellowish, so he sent me for a urine test and it was found that there is a small trace of blood in it, so he told me to come again in two weeks time for another test. Unfortunately it was found it conatin more blood in it in today's test, so he is sending me to Selayang hospital for a X-ray on the 27th. Feb.. 26th.Feb.12. (Sun.) 0815hrs. Loving Sunday morning. It is quiet and peaceful. It seems that the dog-barking is kept to its minimum otherwise the first thing one hears is the barkings of the dogs. Yesterday evening went to the KL Sentul by train and explore the surroungding area just to familiary what is going on there. The area is developing tremendously. It is definitely going to be another mear business centre of the KL city. Due to the composition of the populations there I think it is really not an intelligent place to live in. 28th.Feb.12. (Tue.) 0920hrs. Just rang up the Selayang Hospital X ray department to find out whether the X ray film taken yesterday is ready for collection or not. The answer is that the printing machine is having some problem so ask me to phone again in the afternoon. The two days of medication and controlled diet (without solid food) before the X ray made me quite weak. Eatings after the X ray made me fresh as before again. Hope that there will be no big problem. 1st.Mar.12. (Thu.) 0435hrs. Went to Seleyang Hospital to collect the X ray film and will see the doctor today. It was a rainny day yesterday. In spite of the rain I still went for my evening walk under the shops verenda up to the Batu Village KTM station and took the train back. Luckily found an umbrella in the station when I alighted the train, that saved me from being drenched form the Batu Kentonmen station to the house. lst..Mar.12. (Thu.) 2310jrs. The doctor had seen the X-ray film and read the report and told me that there is nothing wrong with me. He asked me to continue monitoring my urine and see whether there is any change in its colour. So it is a relief for me. 5th.Mar.12. (Mon.) 2120hrs. 2nd.Mar. Fri. went to land office to pay the land tax for P4D1. Because I went by bus, so it took me the whole morning to finish the job. 3rd.Mar. Sat. Nothing special. 4th.Mar. Sun. Went to mom's friend's son tortoureous wedding dinner at Jinjang chinese restaurant. 5th.Mar. Mon. After the drinking and eating on the wedding dinner, it makes me feel uncomfortable for the whole day until after the evening walk. It is quite ok now. 8th.Mar.12. (Thu.) 0300hrs. 6th. had been busy with the JMB administrative matters like sending out demand letters to unit owners who owes the maintenance fees. 7th. went downtown to spend the morning part of the day. It rained contineously from about five right up to about 9pm. No evening walk. 10th.Mar.12. (Sat.) 1220hrs. Life had been peaceful and quiet for the past two days. The weather had been good as well. Its was cloudy. We are now ready to go to the airport tonight to catch the plane to China. The weather there seems to be very cold but we will make the best of it. We are ready. 18th.Mar.l2. (Sun.) 2235hrs. Returned from a week's field study of the Chinese History. I had studied it from the book when I was at school and now I went to the acturl places concerned. Qingdao was taken from the Ching dynasty by Germany at the end of 19 century and occupied it right up to the end of the first world war when Germany lost the war. The League of Nations past it to the Japanese when they split German's possession at the end of the war. The Chinese got it back after the end of the VWll and the KMT govt. let the American to use it as a naval base. It only returned back to the Chinese after the liberation of the enclave by the PLA. The second place I was most interested to visit is Qufu the Confucius's old home, Confucius Temple and Confucius Cemetery where only his decendants were allowed to be buried. I am fortunate enough to get a genuine white wine that is brewed according to the formula used by the Kong family. (Kong is the actual surname of Confucius.) We also climbed the Mt. Taisan which is said that only the worthy emperors of China were allowed to go up there to pray. Beside that we went to see part of the Yellow River that passes through the Jinan city. In a nutshell we enjoyed the tour very much inspite of the fact that our legs were swollen with so much of walking. 22nd.Mar.12. 2225hrs. Completely grounded by the flu for the last three days, only now I feel a bit better. Luckily I don't have to see the doctor but by taking two panadol three times a day. Hope that by tomorrow it will be completely OK. 24th.Mar.12. 1920hrs. Feeling much better today. This morning went to the Tmn. Rainbow small garden for some exercise. Other than that just stayed in. 26th.Mar.12. 2010hrs. Still feel weak after a week of flu followed by the cough. Yesterday went to the GAO assn. annual meeting plus the commitee members election. It went on smoothly as usual. One resolution is to give Heng Jin a birthday party in Sept. to commemorate his 81st. birthday as one of the founder members of the assn. I will head the organising committee for the preparation of the party. 29th.Mar.12. 2225hrs. Went to see the govt. doc. at the Kampong Batu for my coughyesterday. The cough really made me uncomfortable. So remained at home for the whole day. No evening walk no nothing. After taking the medicine, feel much better. Since the weather is fine so went to the taman for a small stroll 3rd.Apr.12. (Tue.) 1625hrs. 1st.Apr. (Sun.) Went to Melaka for Qingmin. The battery of Unser went flat in Machap new villege. At first we arrived at Jelutong but there was a heavy traffic jam, so we decided to go to Machap Baru to visit Ah Mok family. As we passed Machap Baru new villege we stopped at a coffee shop for a light breadfast. When we wanted to proceed to Ah Mok's house the vehicle failed to start. The local there helped us to get a machinic to replace the battery. We were really lucky it happened in the Chinese new villege otherwise you can just imagine. After visiting Ah Mokl's family it was over 10 o'clock and when we went to do the praying it was quite unbearable of the hot sun. We went our way hurriedly with my all the graves. I apologised for being late this year and we will start from KL earlier next year. This year we started off at 6.30am from EM's house while last year we arrived at Jelutong while it was still dark. 2nd.Apr.(Mon.) stayed at home after yesterday's hatic day. 6th.Apr.12. (Fri.) 0845hrs. It is a cloudy morning. It rained heavily in the Metropolitan garden yesterday evening but there was not a drop in our area. I only realised it when I reached there for my walk. It is strange, actually it should be a dry season at this time of the year. Normally the dry spell starts from after the Chinese New Year till end of June. This is the time the grass turn brown, padi field is parched and even some wells run out of water. I remember when I was small many a time we went to the spring at the foot of the forest for water while a wide strech of padi field went dry. Our cat caught a lot of the iken ruan from the small pools of water from the padi field and brought them back to the house. Some of the buffaloes died of thirst. Of course what I am writing about is the serious cases but this sort of scenarios usually happen in this period of time of the year until the change of the monsoon season. 8th.Apr.12. (Sun.) 2210hrs. At 2.30 am this morning I learnt from the BBC website that the Chinese pro-democracry activist Fang Lizhi who fled to the West in a foreign embassy's car during the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989 had died at the age of 76 in a foreign land. Somehow lately I was just wondering what had happened to him after he ran away. In the morning went to Tmn Rainbow garden for a morning exercise to replace the missed enening walk due to the fact that we went for a steak dinner in Subang Jaya on Sat. night. Went to Lake Garden for a stroll with mom and the two maids just to get away from it all for a while.

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